ACG has a scalable strategy focused on success. Our parent company, Advocate Printing and Publishing, assists ACG in bringing together specialists within other teams and divisions on a project-by-project basis - not only gaining additional experience and insight,  but manage other components such as printing, video, photography or even some advertising, creating project management efficiencies for our clients.

Our clients consistently remark how great it is to work with a few people who can take a project from the discussion stage to the final deliverable product, regardless of the media.
This means your projects can have the involvement of over 250 employees in the Advocate family on any given project where needed.
VisionFire Studios specialize in commercial, corporate, editorial, product & food photography. Established in 1994, the studio has grown into a major full service commercial operation serving the entire Atlantic Provinces.
VisionFire’s head office is located in Pictou, Nova Scotia, where a 3000 sq.ft. studio was built in 1998. The facility features a full modern kitchen for food styling and product preparation, a large inventory of props, and three high resolution digital capture systems. VisionFire’s photographers are specialized in food photography, architectural and industrial photography as well as editorial and lifestyle photography. Photographers do regular photography assignments in locations around the Atlantic Provinces.
Since 2002, VisionFire has also produced digital video projects for clients. From storyboards and concept development, through High-Definition video and sound recording, and into post-production in our full video editing suite, including voice-over booth and motion graphics capability. Music videos, training videos, corporate events, multimedia projects and live concert and conference videos are just some of the productions that VisionFire Studios have provided.
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Combining experienced workmanship with modern technology meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers 
Successful companies are built around people who believe in themselves. Advocate is an independently owned Atlantic Canadian company that competes nationally despite being located in small town Pictou, Nova Scotia. Since our inception over 100 years ago, we have adapted and had the confidence to make changes that allow us to grow, prosper, compete, lead and - most importantly, sustain our business.  We recognize businesses in Atlantic Canada need partners with similar beliefs and practices; businesses with new ideas, ambition and energy. 
- Advocate provides highly customized solutions and services, based on a deep analysis of client issues to achieve competitive advantages.
- Advocate will bring you the best ideas in the world, regardless of their origin.
- Our philosophy is no matter how brilliant an idea may be, it has no value until it is translated into action. We bring you the best ideas, combining them with powerful and practical tools - enabling you to act and measure results.
Print and print services are viewed by many buyers as a commodity. These are buyers who look solely at price when they purchase print.  Our offerings go beyond this ideology. We need to understand your business. Advocate recognizes two important facts when dealing with our partners and contributing to their success. We must offer unique benefits and need to allow for the achievement of superior operational effectiveness.  It is not as simple as putting a price on paper.
Modernization in bindery, die cutting, direct mailing, prepress, web printing and distribution and customer proofing; combined with the talent and spirit of our people have made our business one of the most progressive full service print companies in Eastern Canada.
In 2012, Advocate has made significant investment in digital technologies and software services combined with the provision of Data Asset Management systems, Online purchasing systems and both B2B and B2C portals that allow us to be leaders in e-print commerce.  Internally we have updated our CRM software and integrated a new management information system that controls internal work flow. These systems have allowed us to improve operational efficiencies and in turn provide a better service to our customers as we grow. To accommodate our growth in production, we have also brought lean processes into our plant and hired Six Sigma trained production managers to lead process improvements on our shop floor.
We continue to lead in technology with a team in the development stage looking to provide links between digital technology, social media and print campaigns. We are leaders in understanding the value of data and how we can provide rationale and results behind our customer’s campaigns.
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